About Us

Mission Statement
Serving young women and their dependent children by inviting them to reside in an environment that will nurture their mind, body and spirit, while empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Brenda House for Promising Futures (B.H.P.F) is committed to contributing every resource available to assist with transforming the lives of pregnant and parenting women.

B.H.P.F will provide resources for homeless women between the ages of 18 and 25 and their dependent children. The services provided will be given with care, love, and encouragement. Rehabilitation services will be provided from 8 months but not to exceed 18 months. The goal is to assist the recipient to be able to provide for themselves and their child.

The house offers an intensive array of services, activities and amenities to meet the short and long term needs of pregnant and parenting young women. BHPF will teach and coach women on how to utilize development strategies that will prevent risky behavior. Parenting skills, child development, family budgeting, health and nutrition, and other skills are some of the services provided to promote their long-term economic independence.  B.H.P.F will invest hope, love, and encouragement in the lives of young mothers, as they strive for personal and economic independence, understanding their significance
in God’s eyes, while ensuring a healthy future for them and their children.

There are about 400,000 homeless and pregnant young women in this country.  For pregnant and parenting youth who are currently homeless or lack adequate housing options, there are various programs through local governments and private organizations that can provide housing and other services. Incorporating these programs into advocacy efforts is a great way to help address homelessness among adolescent parents in the United States today.